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More than 200 new laws took effect in the state of Illinois as of Jan. 1, 2012. Below are some of the laws that may be of interest to Village residents and businesses.

If you would like to learn more about each individual act, please visit and search by the corresponding Public Act (PA) number.

Criminal offenses

  • Andrea's Law (HB 263/PA 97-0154): Creates a First Degree Murderer Database for people convicted of first degree murder who have been released from prison or any other facility. The public database would include names, addresses, employment places, schools attended and photos for offenders for up to 10 years after their release from prison.
  • Child Luring (SB 1038/PA 97-0160): Enhances the penalty and offers more tools to prosecute persons who attempt to lure children for sexual purposes.
  • Child Pornography (HB 3283/PA 97-0157): Enhances the penalty for filming, videotaping, or creating a moving image of child pornography, or possessing such items.
  • FOID (Firearms Owner Identification Card) Relinquishment (HB 1272/PA 97-0401): Requires that when a person awaiting trial is required as a condition of bail to relinquish his or her FOID card to the circuit court clerk, the circuit court clerk must mail the confiscated FOID card to the Illinois State Police (ISP).
  • FOID Revocation (HB 3365/PA 97-0158): Provides that a person convicted of domestic battery is not eligible to obtain or keep a FOID card. People who have an order of protection issued against them must also surrender their FOID card for the duration of the order.
  • Synthetic Cannabis (HB 2595/PA 97-0193): Adds to the list of Schedule I controlled substances five generic definitions of classes of synthetic cannabinoids, which are often sold alongside smoking paraphernalia to produce a "high" similar to that associated with cannabis.


  • Motorcycles at Red Lights (HB 2860/PA 97-0627): Allows motorcyclists stopped at a red light to proceed through the light if, after waiting a reasonable length of time, the red light fails to change to green.
  • Seat Belts Required (HB 219/PA 97-0016): Requires all passengers in the back seat of a vehicle to wear a seat belt, including previously exempt back seat riders age 18 and older. It allows police officers to stop a car if they spot an unbuckled rider. Fines start at $25 but can be more, depending on court costs.
  • Uninsured Driving (HB 2267/PA 97-0407): Requires mandatory maximum fines for a person who has multiple convictions of driving an uninsured motor vehicle.


  • Internet Threat Penalties (HB 3281/PA 97-0340): Allows a school board to suspend or expel a student who has made an explicit threat on an Internet website against a school employee, student or any school personnel.

Fire safety

  • Smoke Detectors (HB 1398/PA 97-0447): Requires hotels to be equipped with at least one smoke detector within 15 feet of every room that is used for sleeping purposes. (*All Hoffman Estates hotels already fulfill this requirement)

Health and welfare

  • Adult Therapy Requests (HB 785/PA 97-0165): Attempts to provide short-term crisis counseling for adults under guardianship to address cases where the guardian is abusive or neglectful. Authorizes any adult to request and receive counseling services or psychotherapy, even if the adult is under guardianship. Establishes that the adult's guardian will not be informed of counseling or psychotherapy unless the counselor or therapist believes such disclosure is necessary. States that if the counselor or therapist intends to disclose the counseling or psychotherapy, the adult must be informed.
  • Co-Payment Scale (SB 1236/PA 97-0422): Bases child-care copayments for families who receive child-care services or public assistance on family size and income, not on the number of children in care or the amount of services used. Also sets a sliding scale for copayments, reflecting a lower percentage of income for the poorest families, and with a copayment that gradually increases as family income increases.
  • Disability Definition (HB 3010/PA 97-0410): Includes mental, psychological or developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, in the portion of the Human Rights Act that prohibits discrimination in public accommodations.
  • Healthcare Information (HB 1562/PA 97-0171): Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to make the Hospital Report Card Act available on its website.
  • Mental Health Records (HB 2362/PA 97-0566): Allows mental health records to be disclosed to court appointed providers to be used to determine fitness to stand trial if the records were made within the 180-day period immediately preceding the providers' court appointment.

Rental housing

  • Radon Reporting (HB 141/PA 97-0021): Requires landlords to provide tenants with notice of radon tests that indicated a radon hazard.

Government accountability

  • Taxation Disclosure Act (SB 43/PA 97-0353): Directs the Illinois Department of Revenue to create an online searchable data base of all tax rates in the state, which will be publicly available by Jan. 1, 2012. It must include all taxes, including income, sales, property and business taxes imposed by taxing districts and by the state. This database can be found online at


  • ID Card Religious Objections (HB 1484/PA 97-0371): Provides for Illinois Identification Cards or Illinois Disabled Person Identification Cards to be issued without photographs if the applicant has a religious objection.
  • Identity Protection (HB 3513/PA 97-0139): States that an individual's social security number may not be printed on a wristband or on the outside of any file associated with the products or services of the person.


  • Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act: As of Jan. 1, 2012, electronics are banned from landfills. There are 13 outlawed products, including televisions, laptops, digital converter boxes, printers, computer keyboards, DVD players, digital music players and more. To learn more about recycling options available to Village residents and businesses, visit
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