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The Storm Sewer division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Village owned storm sewer infrastructure and storm drainage ways. The primary function of this division is flood prevention through a comprehensive operations and maintenance program, which includes cleaning, repairing, and reconstructing the storm sewer mains, inlets, catch basins, manholes and creeks. Through the efficient operations and proper maintenance of the system, flooding is controlled, public safety is maintained and damage to private property is minimized.

Monthly inspections are performed on all Village drainage ways and lake/pond outfall lines to minimize the risk of flooding. The Village has a creek maintenance program administered by the Public Works Department. The program helps to prevent neighborhood flooding by removing accumulated debris that creates creek restrictions and storm sewer pipe blockages. Since most creek-side property is privately owned, a great deal of responsibility for the vitality of a creek lies with the property owner. When caring for creeks, use creek-friendly gardening and landscaping practices. Yard waste must be disposed of properly, never stored or placed near the creek. Soil and yard waste disposal in creeks become unsightly, destroy aquatic habitats and may worsen flooding problems. While they are biodegradable, organic waste uses oxygen that fish, aquatic insects and native plants need for survival. Yard waste must be properly disposed of using the curbside yard waste collection program.

Homeowners are encouraged to report any possible code violations and/or contaminants that may be or have been dumped down a storm sewer catch basin inlet or creek line.  Please contact the Police non-emergency number at 847-882-1818 after hours and weekends.

Last updated: 11/12/2013 9:47:52 AM